ISSUE – Sep. 29 | Hustle names Ysiad Ferreiras as Chief Operations Officer

SAN FRANCISCO, September 28, 2017 — Hustle, a peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging platform that scales and humanizes the way that organizations communicate with people, today announced the appointment of Ysiad Ferreiras as the company’s Chief Operations Officer, reporting to CEO Roddy Lindsay. Ferreiras brings deep expertise in sales, operations, culture development, talent strategy, and leadership development to the Hustle executive team.

Ferreiras’ new role as COO at Hustle comes after having joined Hustle in 2015, initially as a Director of Sales recruited by Hustles Co-Founder and Director of Product, Perry Rosenstein. With Ferreiras’ leadership in Sales, Hustle went from being a pre-product market fit company to a fast-growing business in multiple markets. In April of 2017, Lindsay promoted Ferreiras to Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Talent, which has led  to Hustle’s growth from 15 to 60 employees in just over 6 months. Ysiad’s hire comes at a key time as Hustle builds out an impressive senior leadership team and continues its evolution as the leading P2P (peer to peer) text messaging platform.

“In his two years at Hustle, Ysiad has played a foundational role in our company’s success,” said CEO and Co-Founder Roddy Lindsay. “In his role on Hustle’s leadership team, he has mentored all of us to step up our game as managers, recruiters, and leaders. As a teammate and manager, Ysiad exemplifies our Core Values of Authenticity, Empowerment, Impact and Respect every day.”
During his tenure at Hustle, Ferreiras has emerged as a strong sales leader and as an executive spokesperson for diversity sharing his own untraditional upbringing to help empower others like him to find their passions and seek success in their careers. Born and raised in the Bronx, Ferreiras has shared how his story as Dominican-American growing up on welfare and learning from a young age how to hustle to get ahead, led him to sales, and ultimately a leadership role at Hustle.

“It’s a privilege to be trusted with the role of COO at Hustle,” said Ysiad Ferreiras. “I continue to be blown away by our entire company’s commitment to empowering true social impact for our customers and creating a team that’s as diverse as the clients it serves – all while creating an extremely attractive business from a revenue perspective.”

As Chief Operations Officer, Ferreiras will continue to oversee the Sales, Marketing, Legal, People Ops, and Recruiting functions of the company. He will own and deliver on Hustle’s revenue goals, attract and retain passionate, driven, diverse, high-impact employees, and consistently deliver results on the highest-priority company needs – those that require hands-on involvement that the CEO alone cannot provide.