ISSUE – Apr. 15 | Three Years In: $1B of Enterprise Value

Female Founders Fund launched in 2014 with a very specific investment thesis – to invest in early-stage female-founded technology companies. Fast forward to today, the fund has twenty five active portfolio companies with female founders based between NYC, SF, and LA. As we celebrate three years of investing in entrepreneurial women and their ideas, it’s a good time to reflect on our journey thus far and our plans for the next phase of growth.

Reflections from Fund I

My thesis in starting Female Founders Fund was that the time had come for an exciting new wave of technology companies created by female founders with unique insights into consumer problems and opportunities. More and more women with experience at large technology ventures were leaving to apply their skill sets to new start-ups, but this was a demographic that was being largely ignored by the broader venture world. The goal was to build a firm at the center of this ecosystem, offering not just capital but a broader network of accessible operators, investors, and continuous support. We have focused on exceeding expectations as helpful investors with the ability to connect our founders to some of the most well-respected VC’s and successful female operators across the country. The broader vision for the fund was to replicate what the traditional venture industry has been doing for years: supporting each other as investors and entrepreneurs through a deep network.