ISSUE – Dec. 04 | Early Uber Investor Says SoftBank Tender Offer Is a ‘Low Blow’

Bradley Tusk is not your typical venture investor. Before he was a VC, he worked in politics as ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s campaign manager and Sen. Chuck Schumer’s communication director. He also served as the deputy governor of Illinois, working for the now-incarcerated former governor Rod Blagojevich.

He’s the man behind Tusk Ventures, a political consultancy and venture firm that works with startups facing regulatory hurdles. The political advisory arm works with startups in exchange for equity. On average, Tusk takes $60,000 per month in equity — more if it’s later-stage, less if it’s earlier-stage. The venture arm, which just raised $36 million for its debut fund, acts more as a traditional investment vehicle. [ Fortune ]

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