ISSUE – Dec. 08 | Is Hopin’ really worth $2.1bn?

Venture capitalists love rocket ships. Not just the Elon Musk type, but any business that can return their investment a hundred times over.  Facebook’s market cap at IPO was roughly 200x its Series B valuation. Such growth is an exception, but those are the dimensions VCs think in. Hopin’s Series B investors have a track record of spotting potential. Accel was part of Facebook’s Series B. The lead investors, IVP and Tiger, were early investors in Snap and Square respectively. Northzone backed Spotify and Salesforce Ventures invested in Snowflake. When asked whether Hopin was one of those 100x opportunities, Alex Kayyal from Salesforce Ventures replies (as one might imagine) with an emphatic “Absolutely!”. [ sifted ]

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