ISSUE – Dec. 07 | SellerX is betting big on building a portfolio of Amazon brands – here’s why it raised €100 million in funding

When SellerX announced its €100 million seed round last month, it certainly turned some heads. While the investment was mostly in debt, the large figure still spoke to a ripening trend in e-commerce. SellerX, based in Berlin, buys up businesses selling on Amazon, supports their expansion and revamps their brand. The startup was only founded this summer. The hefty investment was led by firms including Cherry Ventures and Felix Capital with e-commerce veterans like Zalando co-founder David Schneider and the former chief executive of Amazon UK Chris North chucking cash into the round. E-commerce has seen a notable spike in 2020. As Covid-19 lockdowns forced shops to pull their shutters and left high streets deserted, online shopping has accelerated enormously. [ tech.eu ]

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