ISSUE – Dec. 09 | In the world of VC, harassment claims aren’t necessarily a deal killer

A storm fueled by greater awareness about sexual assault and harassment has been gaining momentum in the U.S. ever since a former Uber engineer named Susan Fowler hit “publish” on a post about her jarring experience inside the high-flying rideshare company. So many men have been swept up — and out — of their respective businesses for behaving badly that Time magazine pronounced the powerful social campaign #metoo and the women behind it as “Person of the Year.”  

Silicon Valley has hardly been immune. In the world of venture capital, two of the highest-profile poster boys for this uprising (as of this writing) are venture capitalists Steve Jurvetson, formerly of the venture firm DFJ, and Shervin Pishevar, who co-founded the firm Sherpa Capital and has, in recent days, taken a leave of absence from the outfit.

While seemingly devastating body blows for their respective firms, institutional investors with whom we’ve spoken and who asked not to be named in this story say they remain interested in superstars like Jurvetson if they’re able to repair their reputations. If not, they say, plenty of family offices will rush to fill the void. [ TechCrunch ]

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