ISSUE – Dec. 16 | Sam Altman Is an Idiot

It’s not news that Sam Altman likes to say controversial things. The 32-year-old president of the very successful startup incubator Y Combinator attracted disdain for supporting Peter Thiel even after the billionaire’s donations to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign won widespread criticism. Now, Altman is pitching an idea pulled straight from the White House’s talking points: Political correctness is bad for America. This is an idiotic point of view, often put forth by idiots who struggle with the challenges of progress. Sam Altman is one of those idiots.

Altman took his stand against a politically correct United States in a recent blog post hubristically titled “E Pur Si Muove.” That Italian phrase is a reference to something Galileo Galilei supposedly said while on house arrest for claiming that the Sun was the center of the universe. “And yet it moves” is the translation, and yes, it was a controversial theory during Galileo’s time. Because he seems to fancy himself a philosopher and history-maker as well, Altman appears to be comparing the state of affairs in San Francisco to Europe on the eve of the Enlightenment. Except San Francisco might never see its great awakening because everybody is so super scared of saying something controversial! [ Gizmodo ]

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