ISSUE – Dec. 16 | Trump’s Election Boosted Demand For Palantir Shares, Investor Says

The market for stock in Palantir Technologies, the Silicon Valley data analysis company that does much of its business with the federal government, was in the doldrums for much of 2016. But since the election of Donald Trump — whose closest tech adviser is Palantir chairman Peter Thiel — demand seems to have picked up, one investor and middleman in that market has told BuzzFeed News.

“Since the election, we’ve seen an uptick in interest in owning Palantir shares,” said Jared Carmel, a managing partner of Manhattan Venture Partners, a boutique investment bank and fund manager that arranges trades in startup shares, and which owns a stake in Palantir.

Palantir’s elevated stature was on display this week when its CEO, Alex Karp, joined the tech industry’s biggest players in a pilgrimage to Trump Tower. Others in the room were top brass from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook — public companies each valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Karp’s Palantir, which is privately held, has a relatively small valuation of $20 billion. [ BuzzFeed ]

Breakdown of Palantir Technologies funding : [ Total :  $2.03B ]
Nov, 2016 $20M / Venture
Dec, 2015 $879.83M / Private Equity
Dec, 2014 $50M / Private Equity
Sep, 2014 $444.18M / Private Equity
Feb, 2014 $111.31M / Private Equity
Sep, 2013 $196.5M / Private Equity
Sep, 2013 $1.75M / Secondary Market
Jan, 2013 $4.08M / Secondary Market
Oct, 2012 $56M / Series G
Oct, 2011 $68M / Series F
May, 2011 $50M / Series E
Jan, 2011 undisclosed amount / Secondary Market
Jun, 2010 $90M / Series D
Apr, 2009 $8.29M / Debt Financing
Feb, 2008 $36.75M / Series C
Nov, 2006 $10.52M / Series B
Sep, 2005 undisclosed amount / Seed