ISSUE – Dec. 25| What Christmas Means To Me

I really like Stevie Wonder’s song from the late 60s written by Anna Gordy Gaye, George “Horgay” Gordy and Allen Story. The song lays out what Christmas means; candles burning low, mistletoe, snow and ice, carols right outside my door. I grew up celebrating Christmas and it was always a special time for me and my family. Decorating the tree, midnight mass, Christmas dinner, and gifts. I remember it fondly.

When the Gotham Gal and I decided to raise our family Jewish, I negotiated for and got Christmas. And for the many years, our family celebrated Christmas mostly the way I celebrated it as a child. In recent years, with adult children and travel and many other things, celebrating Christmas has become optional. Some years we do it. Many years we don’t. But Christmas retains a special place in my soul. [ AVC ]

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