ISSUE – Feb. 17 | Y Combinator says its companies are on target for $100B total valuation

Y Combinator Group president Sam Altman released its first annual letterThursday, with details on the status of the incubator and the companies it invests in. Among the numbers:

• As of January, Y Combinator has invested in 1,470 companies led by 3,200 founders. It expects those companies to have a combined $100 billion valuation this year.

• In 2016, 12.5% of founders funded were women and 11.6% were black or Latino. Altman writes “the percentage of women and people of color applying to YC is higher than the overall percentage of women and people of color starting startups” but the incubator would like to see those numbers higher still. “We still have a long way to go,” he writes.

• Overall, the incubator invested $27 million in its traditional winter and summer groups of startups last year and about $187 million in later-stage companies through its new Continuity fund.

• YC’s web forum, Hacker News, has about 350,000 daily users and 4 million page views per day. Just under 1 million users have accounts on the site, and they post about 1,000 article links and 6,000 comments every day. [ Fast Company ]