ISSUE – Feb. 28 | Steve Blank explains why accelerators should mimic “Moneyball”

Steve Blank has given a lot of presentations in his day. But he says he’s never experienced anything quite like what happened a few weeks ago in New York, when he presented his ideas around his Lean Launchpad to an audience. Every person in the audience had access to copies of his slides, and they were all taking notes. But the minute he opened up one particular slide, half of the crowd took out their smartphones to snap a photo of it.

“I realized it must be a pretty good slide,” Blank says. “It was a lightbulb for us all.”

The slide outlined Blank’s theory on data-driven startup investing. He developed a method, which I’ll describe below, using a tool called the Investment Readiness thermometer. He believes that startup accelerators and maybe even venture investors will start using a version of it to prove their effectiveness and make investment decisions. [ Pando ]