ISSUE – July 12 | 8 Specific Tips for Overcoming Silicon Valley Sexism From a Female VC

A trickle can widen a crack, increasing the flow and further weakening the dam. Then all of a sudden you have a leak of torrential proportions. That’s basically what’s happened in Silicon Valley the last month as whispered stories of VCs’ bad behavior towards female founders gathered into a flood of disclosures about inappropriate advances, unequal treatment, and straight-up sexual assault. A round of resignations was the first consequence of the revelations, with others taking concrete steps to develop more robust anti-harassment policies. All of which will hopefully lead to real and last changing. But what if you’re a female founder with a great idea and a need for capital right now?

If you don’t have time to wait for the industry to get its act together, then Cowboy Ventures partner Aileen Lee has some pretty specific advice for you. At Y Combinator’s Female Founders Conference recently she condemned the behavior of some of her colleagues and called for change. But she also offered female founders specific advice for prospering despite the less than enlightened current state of things, TechCrunch reports. [ Inc. ]