ISSUE – Jun. 25 | Is there a next act for one of Silicon Valley’s top investors after Uber? Benchmark and Bill Gurley are about to find out.

Benchmark is one of tech’s most powerful venture capital firms, and, at 6’9”, Bill Gurley is literally one of its biggest celebrities.

So as his firm prepares for its next chapter and a new pool of money, there are a number of questions that Silicon Valley has not been able to put to rest, despite endless fascination within the industry about one of its most aggressive investors.

Such as: Who’s staying and who’s calling it quits in a band that is famously close-knit? What happens to investors when they are too successful? And, more universally, can major tech players — not just venture capitalists — retain their star power while also trying to develop a younger generation to take their places?

These are particularly intense issues as Benchmark moves on from an exhausting fight over the leadership of Uber, which demanded most of its attention in 2017. The firm took unprecedented, divisive steps to oust Travis Kalanick, the CEO of its most valuable portfolio company, and ill will from that ugly battle still lingers. [ Recode ]

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