ISSUE – June 18 | At the Intersection of AI, Governments, and Google – Tim Hwang

The man who became one of the most recognizable faces (and social media voices through his over 800,000 person strong Twitter feed) for the campaign for social justice that launched in the wake of the police killing of Michael Brown in 2014, is thinking about what’s next for the increasingly large community of people in the United States advocating for change under the banner of the Campaign Zero program he helped articulate.

In a wide-ranging conversation at our TC Justice event in San Francisco, Mckesson touched on everything from Edward Snowden’s racial sensitivities (he’s learning); to how “woke” Jack Dorsey is (he’s woke); to whether Bill Maher should remain on the air (he shouldn’t).

But critically and crucially, Mckesson returned again and again to the need for the current movement advocating for social justice to push past protest and focus on an engagement with the issues and the levers of government that can effect change most effectively.