ISSUE – Nov. 28| Zume co-founder joins Cleo Capital while tackling climate change

Julia Collins, who co-founded and co-led Zume Pizza, has a new job: entrepreneur-in-residence at Cleo Capital, an early-stage VC scout fund that relies entirely on female entrepreneurs.

Why it matters: Collins is one of the incredibly few black women to start a “unicorn” startup, but she stepped away from Zume a year ago to tackle climate change with a new company, Planet FWD (which Cleo is backing).

The intrigue: “My ambition is to help reverse climate change by making it easier to bring carbon neutral products to market,” Collins tells Axios of her new company. “And as a new mom, I became obsessed with being able to tell my kid ‘I did everything I could to fix this.’”  [ Axios ]

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