Monday, July 16th, 2012. Aspen, CO, USA

7:00 PM

What is the future of Silicon Valley and the technology industry? Two of the Valley’s most successful thinkers and doers debate.

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google
Peter Thiel, Technology Entrepreneur, Investor, and Philanthropist

Referee: Adam Lashinsky, Fortune

Photograph by Kevin Moloney/Fortune Brainstorm Tech

ISSUE – Sep. 21 | Peter Thiel is being considered to chair Trump’s intelligence advisory board

In a fairly epic new Vanity Fair profile, the magazine reports that Peter Thiel is the frontrunner to become the chair of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board (PIAB), a meta intelligence entity that functions independently from the nation’s spy agencies. The makeup of the board has varied over the years; while some presidents stock it with intelligence experts from the private sector, others reward political allies as they might in other appointee positions. Vanity Fair reports that while it sounded like Thiel’s potential role was off the table in August, now the PayPal co-founder is again in talks to take the top post. [ TechCrunch ]